Who We Are
Rock-It Cargo® excels at delivering logistical solutions for your most challenging projects. One of the world's premier freight forwarders, we specialize in handling complex itineraries, international destinations, fragile cargo and time-critical schedules - all with the highest degree of critical planning, execution, and customer-focused service.
Rock-It also owns and manages two other agent networks, all providing elite transportation, freight logistics and management services:

Rock-It Cargo, CargoLive® and Waiver Logistics collectively operate all over the United States, as well as the United Kingdom, Japan, China, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica and Colombia.

Where Rock-It does not have an owned agency, we operate through a network of over 100 of the highest quality cargo agencies. No matter where you're going, chances are we have been there and back, many times.

We work with only the most reliable carriers, truckers, and warehouses to provide services domestically and worldwide through our extensive agency network. 
We are intimately acquainted with the carriers in all trade lanes so we can direct your cargo the most suitable way, whether your goal is to minimize freight costs, obtain the best packaging, storage and warehousing, or meet seemingly "impossible" deadlines. Your Rock-It, CargoLive or Waiver Logistics agent is your single contact point for dealing with air cargo carriers, truckers, railroads, warehouses, steamship lines, Customs Bureaus, and government authorities the world over.  Your agent can provide you with needed business advice regarding customs laws, financial advice relating to customs brokerages, legal advice and information regarding the collection and delivery of assets including document delivery and shipping instructions.   

We even provide import bond facilities, rental or leasing of warehouse space and storage containers, transport of packing materials, on-site cargo handling service and the installation of stands or temporary structures for shows.  We here at Rock-It Cargo and our network agencies are your true Global Specialty Freight Forwarding Solution.
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