Impossible? Impassible? Not for our team.

The National Arts Centre Orchestra (NACO) from Ontario, Canada performs more than 100 concerts every year, all over the world. In its 45 years, the NACO has played 112 cities in Canada and 122 cities across the globe.

Led by a musical phenom—world-famous violinist and conductor Pinchas Zukerman—the orchestra carried out its first tour of Asia in 2013. The itinerary? Eight concerts, accompanied by over 80 jam sessions, block seminars and side activities in seven cities—Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Fuling, Chongqing, Tianjin, Beijing and Shanghai.

For this ambitious project, an entire tour on an extremely tight schedule, the NACO selected Rock-It Cargo as its logistics partner. Our crew transported 116 orchestra musicians and their instruments during the course of 20 days, from Ottawa to New York to the stops in China and then back to Canada.

The tour was a resounding success. We're proud of our part in that, having organized every single step, down to the minute, and ensuring all-around customer service and smooth coordination at each stop. Despite hurdles along the way, Rock-It Cargo once again built a bridge between continents and cultures, and the tour concluded on time and on budget.

Other highlights of the tour included:

  • Moving temperature-controlled items in 37 boxes, with a total weight of 8,181 lbs., volume of 1,342 cubic feet and value of $2,700,000
  • US and China government shutdowns immobilized imports and exports, but we cleared customs and impassable borders in only 12 hours—a feat some would believe impossible
  • Devising inventive alternatives that allowed sticking to the budget when fees rose
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Impossible? Impassible? Not for our team.