Hi, We’re Rock-it Cargo

We are a global network of logistics specialists helping leaders across many different industries. We amplify their global impact and bring creative visions to life through meaningful events.

Our freight service goes beyond moving things from point A to point B. We go the extra mile to ensure your items arrive quickly and safely.


Creating the Moments that Matter

We believe that live events have the potential to change lives. The opportunity to create finite moments that leave an infinite impact, inspires us to elevate the standard of mission-critical logistics. While often unseen, our experts help every client execute on their largest live event ambitions by conquering challenges of speed, scale, and sustainability.



With roots dating back over 40 years, Rock-it Cargo is built on a legacy of excellence and exploration. Since our founding, we’ve served our clients by helping them push the boundaries of possibility.  As we continue to grow in size and strength, this dedication drives us forward – always learning, always delivering, always finding the best path to success.


In the mid 1970’s, bands were building international fandom like never before and the pressure to bring live performances to global audiences was on. While demand for concert tours was at an all-time high, the logistics of impactful global concerts had never been conquered.

That’s where Rock-it Cargo’s roots began. Rock-it Cargo was founded on a simple belief – we can create meaningful moments for more people in more places. This belief first took hold in the Rock n’ Roll community and marked the beginning of a decades long legacy.


As with many great bands, it took several years for our predecessor, Rock-it Cargo, to find it’s sound.  After almost 8 years of moving some of the most popular bands around the world such as Led Zeppelin, Queen and Bruce Springsteen, Rock-it Cargo expanded into the US, under the direction of David Charles Bernstein.


During the late 1980’s, Waiver Logistics was established in Brazil to unlock South America for global concert tours and begin developing the foundation of Rock-it’s global network.   


Both predecessors were instrumental in cultural milestones like Live Aid and the first of many Rock-in Rio Festivals.  Their combined efforts supported the highest grossing tours of the decade including Michael Jackson’s ‘BAD’ tour and Pink Floyd’s ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’.   

By working with the industry’s best, bridging new borders, and working with the world’s biggest bands, a legacy of transformation began. 


As the international music touring industry exploded, concert productions continued to explore new territories and carry more equipment from show to show. Planning the logistics of these moves became extremely important and the Rock-it network was right there to support the growth. Tours such as Madonna, U2, The Eagles and Metallica leaned heavily on the Rock-it network to get them from show to show and to bold new destinations.

Throughout the 1990’s, Rock-it, Waiver, and Sound Moves (established in 1996) expertise was needed beyond concert touring. From Formula 1 races in Latin America, to the Olympics Games in Atlanta (1996), to productions like Les Misérables and the Miss Universe pageant in international theaters– our world was no longer just Rock n’ Roll.


The 2000’s were a decade defined by two words – BIGGER and BOLDER.  Our network continued to dominate the concert touring logistics market, handling the top 20 grossing tours of the decade. We also handled an array of bold, breakthrough events like large theatrical touring spectacles, arena-sized corporate events, and unprecedented traveling museum exhibitions.  These breakthroughs yielded a long-time partnership with Cirque du Soleil, Madam Tussauds, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, all of who became trusted partners. The arena spectacles of Walking with Dinosaurs and the Blue Man Group made their way around the world thanks to the Rock-it family.   


Over the past decade, our network continued to grow, strengthen, and expand its expertise. Record breaking tours from Lady Gaga and Madonna defined our new standard for event touring. The Olympic Games in London, Rio de Janerio, Sochi, and Pyeonchang pushed the boundaries of sports spectacles, and bringing the WWE to Saudi Arabia signaled a new era of global appeal and connectedness. Bold new ventures with organizations like Messe Dusseldorf, Diversified Communications and Reed Exhibitions helped our rapidly growing trade show and exhibition division find its stride.

In our continued commitment to amplifying sports’ global impact, CargoLive was established in 2010 in Mexico as a direct support office for the network and expanded to Australia and Japan over the next few years.


In 2021, Rock-it Global was established in a formal union of Rock-it Cargo, Sound Moves, CargoLive and Waiver Logistics. For us, this union isn’t just a new logo and colors. It is a celebration of all the experts that make us, us. It brings our teams from all corners of the world under one roof, with more resources at our disposal and greater ambitions on our minds. As we look to the future, we’ll keep putting our 45+ years of global experience to work by serving exciting industries like e-sports and continually pushing our core industries to even greater heights.




Since 1978, Rock-it Cargo has moved the world. From the early days of our Newark to London freight solution, to our current, expansive global network, no idea has even been off limits. We were the logistics machine behind Billy Joel performing in the former Soviet Union in 1987, the committed crew that brought Metallica to Antarctica in 2013, becoming the first band to play all seven continents, and the skilled specialists that coordinated bringing The Rolling Stones to Cuba in 2016 in the largest scale musical event the country had seen in years.



When it comes to live events, we believe their impact should be felt by the audience, not the planet. Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program integrates ESG considerations into our day-to-day operations, allowing us to deliver maximum results for our clients with minimal disruption to our ecosystem.