Posted By: on October 23, 2019 at 3:08 pm

Belgian speciality forwarder will become a member of the CargoLive Logistics family (a subsidiary of Rock-it Cargo) offering increased service to the European continent and providing options for live event shippers currently touring in this uncertain Brexit environment

Los Angeles, California, and Antwerp, Belgium, Wednesday, 23rd October 2019 – Rock-it Cargo (“Rock-it”), the leading global provider of logistics services to live event shippers, announced they have made a significant incremental investment in Antwerp, Belgium-based Triple M Entertainment Logistics (“Triple M”).

Eleven year old Triple M focuses on four categories of shippers – live entertainment, stage, performing arts, and corporate logistics.

“Rock-it’s increased investment derives from the natural evolution of the relationship of the two businesses,” Paul J. Martins, President of Rock-it Cargo says, “the continued partnership between Triple M and Rock-it will provide best-in-class service to their joint customers. Triple M are well positioned geographically to assist us with all the logistics needs of our live touring customers, sports customers, industrial product customers and other end vertical markets we serve.”

Located in Antwerp, Triple M is both close to the seaport and connected to an inland jetty allowing containers to be trucked or barged to their cross-load site with the capacity to handle up to fifteen containers or trucks simultaneously. For air cargo, from Antwerp Triple M has easy and ready accessibility to Brussels and Liege airports in Belgium and Schiphol and Maastricht in the Netherlands, as well as Luxembourg airport giving shippers a plentiful selection of carriers and routes into and out of Northern Europe and the rest of the continent.

Philippe Marecaux, Managing Director of Triple M, shares Mr. Martins’ enthusiasm for what the future holds.

“We are extremely excited about this development, and we are grateful for the given trust and the opportunities that this deal will bring us. Considering our geographical location and our team of enthusiastic and hands-on operators, it will surely make Triple-M and Antwerp the preferred gateway to Europe for the entire CargoLive family. We are all prepared for the potential growth that this will bring us and can’t wait to handle the increased amount of shipments that this deal is likely to generate.”

Having strong partner and presence in Belgium helps obviate the uncertain future of the UK and EU customs clearance processes coming with the Brexit deadline on October 31st.

“We have a strong presence with multiple large facilities in London. In anticipation of unforeseen Brexit challenges, strengthening our presence on the continent makes pragmatic business sense,” continued Mr. Martins.