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In the Spotlight: Rock-in' Tour Triumphs

Fast-Track to Argentina

In a pivotal moment during the transfer of gear for a famous Latin artist’s tour, the Rock-it Global team faced an unexpected challenge. Imagine this: a Boeing 767, carrying all the crucial tour equipment from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires, Argentina, suffered a bird strike during a refueling stop in Guayaquil, Ecuador. With the aircraft grounded, the Rock-it team quickly coordinated a replacement aircraft from Mexico City in record time! However, during the transfer of freight from one aircraft to the other, Rock-it team members on the ground noticed a pallet went missing. Working diligently with the local ground handlers and warehouse staff, the team located the missing pallet and ensured all gear was accounted for and loaded onto the new charter. As this story proves, Rock-it is committed to going above and beyond, in every way, to ensure our clients’ tours go on without a hitch.

Festival Rescue Mission

When a major pop-punk band dropped out of a major music festival in Latin America, leaving a popular alternative-rock band without a means of getting their equipment to the location, Rock-it Global stepped in and saved the day. The clock was ticking as the band’s gear sat stranded at a US airport. With an urgent call, the Rock-it team sprang into action, using its well-positioned connections and logistics expertise to find a freight-forwarding solution that could expedite the delivery of the gear. All the band’s equipment was transported with care and lightning-fast speed to Buenos Aires — arriving in time for a legendary performance at this major music festival. This last-minute rescue mission shows Rock-it isn’t just a standard logistics partner. It’s a world-class team of logistical conductors, orchestrating operational excellence.